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Day: January 7, 2012

Lasik is a bizarre experience

As readers of my blog know by now, I had Lasik eye surgery last Thursday afternoon. It was a bizarre, and rather scary experience at times. In first stage of the actual surgery, a cold-looking machine pressed down uncomfortably on my eyes, one at a time, causing me to go temporarily blind in each eye in turn with the ultimate goal of improving my vision. While the nurses encouraged me and told me “only 5 seconds to go” I concentrated on my breathing and watched the multicolored glittery spots which danced in my field of vision. After that part was done, the nurse lead me into another room with a “Warning: Laser” sign on the door. In that room I saw the strangest light show ever when the doctor burned bits of my cornea with the laser and I could smell a stench like hair burning in the process. I had no pain in the process since my eye was numbed by the anesthetic eye drops they had put in my eyes during surgery prep, though I was completely conscious the entire time. All I needed to do was watch that green light–even when it fuzzed out so much that I could barely see it and all I could do try to look straight ahead. Even with newly burnt eyes and very cloudy vision, I could see the improvements in my sight as soon...

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Why I am an Atheist: The superfluousness of the soul

It’s perfectly natural to think of ourselves as something separate from our bodies. I’d bet that a major factor in the starting of religions thousands of years ago was the uncanny sense that we each have a “self” floating somewhere behind our eyes. Surely our vast range of emotions, mental capacity to contemplate the universe, empathy and communication with other people, and the whole of our personalities are evidence of a special spark of the supernatural inside each of us that goes beyond what is possible in the mere physical world. Yet, even before I gave up my belief in Christianity,...

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