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Month: October 2012

We Are Not Monsters

This is a must watch for anyone who is interested in improving the public image of atheists! This trailer was produced on a $0 budget by students, and they are looking for sponsors who would like to help fund the full length documentary. For a $0 budget I must say they have done an amazing job. Anyone who is interested in showing the general public that atheists are the normal, decent people that we are should consider donating to make the full-length film happen. Even if you can only give $5, it makes a difference. So think about it....

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Kentucky Freethought Convention Wrapup

After long months of planning and preparation, the day finally arrived. Yesterday, Saturday October 6th was the first ever Kentucky Freethought Convention. And what a success it was! While targeted primarily to freethinking Kentuckians, it was about the same size in attendance as the first national American Atheist convention that I attended three years ago. We even had a few attendees who drove all the way from West Virginia and Tennessee. The final attendance is estimated to be over 250. There was a great mix of topics by a variety of speakers both local to Kentucky and nationally known....

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We get weird mail…

This was addressed to Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers and send to our PO box. It’s the most bizarre piece of mail I think I have ever received. In the homeless beggars and holy men there if they reach humanistic create metaphysical phenomena that interact between human consciousness and psyche psychic consciousness of Mother Nature creating balance and harmony in many calamities we suffer disasters. What?...

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