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Author: skepticalseeker

Skepticism and Seeking …

I’m finding myself getting less hard-core skeptical than I used to be. On Monday, I’m helping a friend practice her tarot reading skills by getting her to do a reading for me (she asked for volunteers on Facebook.) Am I worried because it’s woo and has no basis in scientific fact? I used to be afraid of anything ‘woo’ but now I am honestly convinced it is fine as long as you remember that it is not scientific fact. The problems happen when people think woo can replace science, or that it is science. That’s when you have people...

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Sunday Blasphemy: God is a Concept

I live in the United States. One of the major issues up for debate today is the idea of building a wall along our southern border. The person recently in power (who I did not vote for) thinks it will keep America safer if we close up our borders and don’t let foreigners in except under extreme scrutiny. All this fuss over political borders … did you ever realize that national borders are not even real?  If you go to the place marked on a map for the border of a country or a state, you won’t find anything there...

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Sunday Blasphemy: White Supremecy

For this week’s Sunday Blasphemy, I’m going to step away from religion and go in an entirely different direction. This is something that has been on my mind for a while ever since I heard the news from Ferguson, MO in 2014. Then I started noticing all the other news stories about the shootings by cops of other unarmed black people. Especially since the last presidential election I have gotten a burning desire to read more about the history of race and class in America and get some fucking context for what’s going on. I read “White Trash: A 400...

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Sunday Blasphemy: Questionable Life Lessons from my Christian Upbringing

I don’t know that these are applicable to Christians in general, but here are some questionable life lessons I learned as a kid that were reinforced by my family’s religious beliefs. I’m sure others from Evangelical Christian backgrounds in particular will recognize these. They are teachings of Christianity that I assumed would apply to other areas of life — before I learned about special pleading — because no one told me otherwise. I eventually figured out why they were questionable on my own through trial and error, observation, and reasoning.   Life Priorities Nothing in life is more important than...

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