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Author: skepticalseeker

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol has been my favorite Christmas movie for as long as I remember. However for the last several years I have been discovering other movies — A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, The Year Without a Santa Claus — and other classics that I never saw when I was a kid. I finally got around to purchasing the George Scott version of A Christmas Carol, and when I watched it this year I saw it much through different eyes than I did as a child. My earliest memory of the film (I don’t remember if it was...

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Sunday Blasphemy: Happy Solstice!

This Wednesday is the Winter Solstice, the real reason for the season! It also begins the 12 day celebration of Juul (aka Yule), the pre-Christian Scandinavian celebration of the return of the sun and of the god Thor. Lots of our Christmas traditions — including the use of holly and evergreens and the Yule log — come from pre-Christian northern Europe. So, this Solstice gather close, put a Yule log on the fire, and have hope that warmer and brighter days will return! Source:...

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Sunday Blasphemy: Self Worth

I am not a sinner*. I do not need a savior. I am worthy! *Sin is disobedience against God. Without a god, ‘sin’ is a meaningless concept and so is ‘sinner’. It is not to be confused with actual wrongdoing, which may call for an apology to and reconciliation with another person. It is a religious term though and through, and totally without value....

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Sunday Blasphemy: Christianity is foolishness

For this week’s Sunday blasphemy, I only need to point out what the Bible says about the message of Christianity. Christianity is foolish and unreasonable, even according to “St.” Paul himself. This is what religion does to reason. Yes, lip service is given to reason until it veers away from the dogma, then it suddenly is not good enough and faith must step in. How very convenient for them not to have to actually make sense of the things they are claiming? 1 Corinthians 1 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but...

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