Another Saturday Morning

This morning at the the local abortion clinic was a bit different from the usual. The Kentucky Right to Life Association is having their convention in Louisville this weekend, so we were expecting a lot more protesters than usual. What we got were a lot more escorts and about the usual number of protesters. We were really able to surround and protect the clients and drown out the bullies, and it was really amazing. I learned a new song too, that I am sure to be using in upcoming weeks:

A woman has the right to live
A woman has the right to choose
A woman has the right to have a child
and she has the right to refuse.

I also learned this one:

Not the church and not the state,
Women must decide their fate!

We had some escorts come from Nebraska, as a reciprocation for when some Louisville escorts went to Omaha to defend Dr. Carhart’s clinic. So I made a few new friends and experienced some great camaraderie. The mix of people was great too: we had men, women, atheists, Christians, pagans, young, and old. Greatly increases my hope for humanity.

EDIT: I corrected some of the lyrics on the first song. And I’ve come up with a verse, to the same tune.

You don’t call an egg a bird,
You don’t call an acorn a tree.
A medical student is not a doctor
and a fetus is not a baby!

Now that’ll raise some anti hackles!

3 thoughts on “Another Saturday Morning

  1. I would wager that the Kentucky Right to Life Association is only pro life till birth or 18 years old. Many of these folks support war, but oppose health care reform.

  2. I don’t sing or chant while helping to escort a client, but I have sung to help down out the shouters at the front door of the clinic. Or when it’s slow and I need to hear something other than “hail mary…”

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