We get mail!

Ed and I got a letter in the mail today! Apparently someone is concerned about our immortal souls, though they apparently wish to express this concern anonymously. Here is the scan of the entire letter for your amusement.

I wonder who it could be from, and why he/she felt it necessary to hide his/her identities? (Though I figure this is at least a middle-aged person if they are making reference to “Let’s Make a Deal.”) I’d like to ask them what makes them think that it is in the nature of “creatures” to be “mastered.” Why don’t they recognize that we have lots of options in life, not just two? (Infantile black/white thinking here.) And why they think that quoting the Bible at an atheist is going to make any difference?

Oh, and here is the facepalm quote of the day: “We can be slaves to a loving God, or slaves to sin.”

Well, at least it isn’t a death threat. :-/

6 thoughts on “We get mail!

  1. As a Christian I can tell you that the one I follow, Jesus, does not want slaves. It’s just fundamentalist silliness. Consider the source as someone who probably cares for you but is ignorant of true Christian love.

  2. I’m a bit baffled by “Christian love” myself. I get your point, though. Whoever sent this letter is just sneaking in a way to preach at us while hiding behind the veil of anonymity. Why? So we can’t talk back to them? That makes is very clear to me that they are not interested in any sort of dialogue, and I don’t see how such an act could be confused by anyone with any kind of love.

  3. Well I have to say I am baffled by Christian love as well, but probably for different reasons than you are. I think you are correct about the sneaking, and the obvious reason is because this person does not have enough knowledge of, or confidence in, his/her own faith to argue the points reasonably. But if you look at the possible motive behind this sort of thing you might be able to see how it could be motivated by love.

    Just for the sake of argument, let’s say this person is someone close to you. Let’s also assume that this person, however misguided, really believes that you are headed for eternal punishment. If they believe these things we can also assume that they believe you can be saved from that fate by believing as they do. Let’s further assume that this person has approached you directly and failed. Given these hypothetical scenarios, it is conceivable that this person feels that they must, out of love for you, do all they can to save you.

    I’m really not trying to excuse ignorance, but there is almost always more to a story than we see from the surface. This person’s anonymity makes it impossible to know their motives so we are left with conjecture.

    • I can’t think of anyone who has tried to approach me directly, except maybe at the State Fair booth. And those where people I don’t know and would not have my home address.
      Anyway, it would not be the first time someone felt “lead by God” to do something that was totally counterproductive.

      As for “Christian love,” I don’t know of any kind of love that is specifically Christian. I get friendship love, family love, and romantic love. But when I encounter what might be specifically labeled “Christian love” it generally involves judgementalism and unwanted advice, like what is contained in this letter. That is what I mean when I say if baffles me.

  4. Haha, yes I hear that quite often. I was “lead by God” to do this or that and it is almost always counterproductive and shows the person to be of a smugly arrogant character. The only productive thing I ever felt “lead by God” to do was “shut the fuck up”.

  5. Yea, I guess real love is often expressed by understanding that one does not always necessarily know what is best for someone else to do or believe.

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