Upcoming Series: Why I am an atheist.

“Why are you an atheist?”

“Why don’t you believe in God?”

I have gotten these questions before. I actually have quite a lot of reasons that I am an atheist, but I’ve found that when someone just asks me point blank I freeze up because I can’t think of where to start. Because I’m not always sure of which reason would be the most effective for the asker to understand, because I don’t usually know their background or what their concept of “god” looks like. While considering this situation, I thought maybe instead of trying to jam my reasons for being an atheist into a single post why not have a series of posts where I can address each reason one by one? So, over the course of the next few months I will be writing and posting a series of essays on the various reasons why I am an atheist.

As a preview, here are some of the reasons I am looking forward to explaining:

  • The conspicuous absence of God, and my repeated observations of God being “given the glory” for human actions and chance events.
  •  The historically dubious origins of Christian doctrines, including early church disputes about the nature of Jesus himself.
  • Moral philosophy and the “Divine Command” theory.
  • The soul: how I became convinced that mind=brain and that the idea of the soul is superfluous.
  • Sexism and injustice in the Bible (probably other holy books too, but I don’t know the other books well enough to comment on them.)
  • The constant replacement of supernatural and religious explanations with understandable scientific ones.
  • Evolution, the origins of life, and creationist lies I was told when I was young.

And this list may change during the series, as I think of other things. If any of these intrigues you, make a note in the comment section and I will try to get to that reason sooner rather than later.

11 thoughts on “Upcoming Series: Why I am an atheist.

  1. I am by all means a philosopher… I question everything…but what about the unkown, just look onto the stars and think about what we really know? As I have delved into mainstream philosophical thought, I continuously see a prevailing pattern of very intelligent and poetic individuals, who in turn end up being the architects of our minds essentially…and there you have the Age of Reason, where we create and implant ideas such as Freedom, Tranquility, Welfare, Security, Manifest Destiny, and then gets deep into our identities and how we measure success, where we have crowned and enthroned our own intellects, lending no humility to the one who gave us so much power in the first place, i.e. the power to create, destroy, heal, always strive to be (fill in the blank). In all the complexity of this beautiful creation, just as Michelangelo’s painting of the creation was so intricate and amazing, yet he still humbled himself before God… What is so great and perfect about the human reason? Never thought through, never questioned….that maybe there is Truth planted deep within our hearts, that part of us which is not rational, which has everything to do with love and forgiveness, and lets us know that each and every individual has value and purpose, yet society, constructed by the human reason and intellect cannot even fathom what to do with those that are different, or most of time, gifted and beyond our comprehension, so we label them and call them mentally ill….and within us, much deeper and beyond that of the human reason…the reason I know this (everyone’s journey is personal, but the Truth stays the same. If we all blindly seek truth from sentiments, then we cannot have an orignal thought whatsoever…strip everything away…what is left? Can you answer that question on a philosophical level?

    Death comes to us all…..we will never be gods…and simplicity is not a curse when strength is humbled and the powerless rise. Christianity is an upside down kingdom, where I give my life to those who really need love the most, the poor, beaten down, weak and needy….the broken are crowned….success is measured in purity of heart, morality, honesty, that no matter how great my intellect becomes, I know a simple truth, love is the answer as we find ourselves struggling between love and hate, good and evil, and life begins to take on new meaning…that the unknown, irrational, mysterious nature of God is so complex that our wonderful intellects can’t quite explain it, so we reject it…

    We can break free from the confines of our intellect…it is merely a prison of sorts. Where do you think poetry, art, music, and creativity resonate from and why are we so drawn to it? It is completely irrational and does not dwell in the intellect, the matters of the heart and soul are expressed in ways that only our heart/soul can understand…chop it up and define everything all you want…because psychology and theories of mind are merely thoughts and observations of man, that we continue to uncover its mistakes as it has over history, theories were made to built upon, not accepted as absolutes. Just like for example the development of physics, where today, Einstein’s theory is about to become yet another piece of the puzzle with what they are uncovering now…that there are actually alternate universes and many more dimensions of reality….whoa….yet another example of how God keeps us humble…it is a never ending wonderous universe my friend…and I can’t seem to comprehend the faith an atheist puts in himself….

  2. Thanks for your feedback. It took me a while to read and digest your comment as it is quite long, and I can’t help but come to any conclusion other than that you have great misconceptions about what it means to be an atheist, and what atheists actually believe. I do not hold up reason as perfect, as human reason can only be as perfect as humans themselves are (and we are not). But it is the best thing we have to determine what is truly real in the world–it is our means of distinguishing truth from lies and illusions. Ancient myths and stories and religious traditions sometimes have things to say about how humans experience the world and each other, but that does not mean that the stories are literally true. There is a lot that we don’t know about the world, and that we may never know, and I imagine there are lots of things that human reason will never figure out. There is much about the world and relationships that we experience on levels other than the rational. However, to give up on reason and embrace irrationality is nothing but cowardice and insanity.

  3. peace be with you on your journey brother….i couldn’t find any there…trust me I used to totally reject all of it…but then I started looking into history, archaeological finds, history of art, music and literature…a very unguided, and unbiased research revealed to me an underlying theme….battle between good and evil…and the very idea that we can solve the problem on our own is completelty absurd to me.

  4. The story of humanity is quite different from my perspective. Christianity (and Judaism, from which Christianity took the idea) teaches that humans were once perfect but then fell into imperfection and badness because we disobeyed God. The way I see it is that humans emerged though the evolutionary process from other animals and have developed a level of culture and civility not seen in other species. We have not fallen from perfection, but rather we have risen from apes. Without taking on a romantic and idealized view of human nature I think this speaks highly in our favor. We have not solved all our problems and we probably never will, but we have sure come a long way.

    By the way, when you say you used to “totally reject all of it,” what do you mean by “all of it.” I don’t reject things like meaning and love, I only reject supernaturalism. Is this the same as what you mean?

  5. It’s hard to explain the way I view the world…but I used to think that people that had faith and that believed in miracles were ridiculous…then my third eye was opened and I realized that essentially we all create our own realities in our minds. For instance, a paranoid schizophrenic that believes he talks to aliens…yet he is locked in a hospital where people that are so called educated and enlightened with their fancy degrees study them like cattle because they can’t seem to fit into a society that was man made in the first place. Who the hell are we to say they aren’t talking to aliens? How much do you really know about reality Mikel? What is reality? How do you know so much? Are we really in reality? Or have we only scratched the surface? These are some very deep philosophical questions that are still unanswered. So again, I ask, how much do we really know about our existence? We have made observations…sure…but all based on theories…which tend to develop and change and get disproved over time….so it brings me to ask, are we Gods? Or is their a supreme being?

    I very much enjoy discussion and debate…I do not think you’re wrong and I’m right…but let us see if a Christian and an atheist can come together and find some answers 🙂

    • Lots I don’t know I’m sure, though my short answer is what Christopher Hitchens said: “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.” Not to say what is asserted without evidence is automatically wrong, just that I am it obligated to take it seriously.

    • It’s a matter of preference, but I usually don’t capitalize atheist. Christian is a specific set of beliefs, but atheist is just not believing in any gods.

  6. Let me rephrase that…I am a Christ follower…I really believe he is the only ultimate truth…I’ve studied lots of religions…humanism…atheism…etc…Christ is the only one who has been able to answer the ultimate question of “what is truth”…ill try to defend that when I get done writing my book. I’ll email it to you. Not because I think you’re wrong…but just share my thoughts

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