“A Patient’s Story” – Reblogged from Every Saturday Morning

I just read this, and it touched me enough that I want to share it. I spent some time a couple of years ago escorting at this same clinic with this same group of people, but the stress of dealing with the crazy protestors caused me to stop. They make me so angry, and I don’t like being angry. But stories like this make me want to go back to escorting again.

Louisville Clinic Escorts

From a Patient of EMW Women’s Surgical Center
 I was at the clinic recently as a patient. I was the first patient to arrive. My mother came with me. The escorts were very helpful and warned us ahead of time about the protesters.
We sat on the little brick part of the building and then the protesters started their rants. My mother went and talked to an escort about volunteering while I sat on the brick and played games on my phone while the protesters ranted. When she came back we just laughed and started having our own conversations about how silly they were.
They were obviously bothered by our laughter and responses and moved on to their next victims. The second to arrive was an Indian family. You could tell they weren’t sure how to handle everything; eventually they quickly ran across the street to escape…

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