To XMAS and Beyond

For your education and viewing pleasure, here is the latest video from The Thinking Atheist about the origins of Christmas traditions and why Christmas does not belong solely to the Christians.

5 thoughts on “To XMAS and Beyond

  1. Well it was a somewhat interesting video. The fact that Christians have adapted many traditions which originated elsewhere, does not alter the fact that Xmas is and was always a celebration of the birth of Jesus. It seems odd to me that you saying you do not celebrate Xmas because of Jesus, and then go on to explain that many of the symbols were adapted from the traditions of the worship of other gods. So, as an Atheist, which of these other gods are you honoring with your celebration.

    It is obvious that this video is just using a Christian holiday in another tired, unimaginative attack on Christianity. If you want to use this Christian holiday as an excuse for something, why not use it as an excuse to be kind to your friends or neighbors or to help the homeless or hungry. That’s another Xmas tradition. What god do you want to honor for that tradition. To me it matters not so much where the tradition came from as what you do with it.

    The video was offensive to me as a Christian, not because of the info about the origins of some of the holiday symbols, but because of the blatant Christian bashing which followed. I’m just puzzled why you were not offended by it as a thinking skeptic or at least as a compassionate human.

    • Who said I didn’t celebrate Christmas, or that Christmas had to be about any gods? If this video is an attack on anyone, it’s a reaction to those Christians who are find offense in Happy Holidays and insist that Christmas (or whatever you call the holiday that centers around the Winter Solstice) is always and only about their Jesus. The ones who arrogantly and smugly look down on a nonbeliever who wants to take part in a non-religious celebration for cultural reasons. (I don’t count you among those Christians by the way, but they are out there. Just watch a bit of December commentary on Fox News…) There is a Christian aspect to the holiday that came from Christianized Europe, but the holiday season is not all about Jesus, nor is it the sole property of Christians. It comes from a lot of different cultures and religions and actually centers on the winter solstice, not the birth of a baby.

    • I’m glad you use this Christian holiday to do some good. You don’t have to be a Christian to do that. You may call it Winter Solstice or anything you like. You may use any symbol or tradition you like, but the fact remains that Christmas, or Xmas is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

      Thank you for acknowledging that I am not among those Christians who are fanatic about this holiday. But the fact is, as liberal as I am about my faith, I was offended by the lion’s share of that mean spirited video. I am of the opinion that you should not fight ridicule with ridicule. If a group of Christians offends you, why do you feel justified in lashing out at all Christians. I don’t ridicule all Atheists because there are some real assholes out there who happen to be Atheists.

    • I watched the video (again) just to be sure, and I just have to disagree about its contents. I see the points brought up as valid criticism of ideas and traditions taken for granted by most Christians. It doesn’t mean you can’t go on observing Christmas in your traditional way. It just means that the traditions are not as pure and ancient and historically accurate as they are usually made out to be. I see no harm in pointing that out, though everyone seems to draw the line of what they think is offensive in a different place.

    • If you want to use this Christian holiday as an excuse for something, why not use it as an excuse to be kind to your friends or neighbors or to help the homeless or hungry.

      Oh, and since you bring that up, I would like to mention that I am actually doing that. My local atheist group is having a food drive at our Holiday Party to donate to Dare to Care. Just thought I’d mention.

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