Exploring Paganism

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of the Wheel of the Year, so that is a natural entry point for me. Now that I have been attending my Unitarian Universalist church, it’s become clearer and clearer to me that although I love my community and plan to remain a member and participate in activities, the basic Protestant-style Sunday morning service is not fulfilling for me. I desire something much more interactive, intimate, and honestly, shorter.

I’ve explored paganism many years ago, but at the time it just didn’t really click with me. To be honest, I think at the time I was still affected by the literalism of my religious upbringing with it’s required beliefs, and could not quite appreciate the poetic nature of pagan ritual. Moving forward in this and any other religious path I choose to explore, I have committed first of all to not attempt to make myself believe or pretend to believe anything that does not make sense or appear to be true to me. My pagan path is about building an intentional connection with nature and a recognition of the ways in which we are a part of and totally dependant for our very existence on the natural world.

This is just a brief statement of where I am in the moment, and I’ll write more about this in future posts.



One thought on “Exploring Paganism

  1. Twenty years ago, I (briefly) dated a woman who self-identified as Wiccan. She and I remain friends, having figured out that dating each other wasn’t a good fit (her being Wiccan was not an issue).

    At that time, I knew very little of pagan traditions. While I haven’t done a lot of research (and I expect you have already done more than I), I found much to like about their teachings regarding how to treat other people and our world.

    Many religious traditions have a tenet that is more-or-less analogous to the so-called “Golden Rule.” I like the Wiccan Rede better than most such expressions: “An it harm none do what ye will.”

    Would that more people lived by those eight words.

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