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No Solemnity Without Religion; or, Why Can’t Atheists Perform Weddings?

  By limiting authority to state actors and clergy, the state forces an irreligious couple to make a choice: conform to the hegemonic idea of marriage as a sacred institution; or implicitly acknowledge that their union is a matter of bureaucratic paperwork.  Either way, the experience of the irreligious is trivialized. I’ve been thinking this … Continue reading

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Reasonable Living and Intentional Community

Why do people go to church? Of course, since my background is Christian I will write in “church” terms, but the same applies to the people who meet together in any type of religion, whether Nazarene, Catholic, Mormon or Hindu or Muslim or anything else. The same principles apply regardless of the specific beliefs. We’ve all … Continue reading

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Controversial Billboards in Lexington, Ky

Apparently atheists are not allowed to cause “controversy” in Lexington, KY, but the Christians are. A new billboard was put up a couple of days ago on a well-travelled route in Lexington that states the following. HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION ROMANS 1:26-28 LEVITICUS 18:22 ABORTION IS MURDER EXODUS 20:13 BLUEGRASS CHURCH OF CHRIST 502-316-5674 Understandably, … Continue reading