First Agnostic I Ever Met

This is a story from back when I was going to school at Trevecca Nazarene University. I have to strain my memory a bit, back to a time when I will still a very sheltered Christian girl going to a Christian University. This is a story about the first agnostic I (knowingly) ever met.

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Where does joy come from?

Once when I was in Sunday School the teacher told us that the difference between happiness and joy was that happiness depends on your circumstances but joy comes from God. I was not the only one in the class to question that analysis. It looked to me as just an example of a word game, namely changing the definition of a word to fit one’s own preconceptions. This also was right about that time that I decided that going to Sunday School was a total waste of my time.

But that does leave the question, what is joy, and where does it come from?

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New Chapters in Life

Normally I’ve been writing a new post every weekend. However, last week I was on my honeymoon so I skipped the blog. Yep, I’m a married woman now, to a wonderful atheist man ­čÖé

I remember a previous huge step in my life was in University, where I learned things I’d never dreamt of before, and found my view on life to be entirely different than when I went in. The most striking thing I found to be changed in this period of time were my views on religion. I had a discussion not long ago with a┬áChristian family member┬áabout the influence of professors on my views. I think it is just par for the course for professors to challange their students to see the world from a perspective they have never considered before.

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Yoga for Kids

I had not been to yoga class for about a week and a half, so I decided to go tonight after work. I didn’t check the schedule before I went like I usually do.

The only class that I was in time for was called “Yoga for Kids.” Humm … I’m not exactly a kid anymore. The teacher was more than happy to have an adult in the class though, and I’d come wanting to do some yoga. So tonight, I was a kid.

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