Today’s Church Experience

Today I attended Sunday morning services with four other atheists from the Secular Student Alliance at the University of Louisville. For an explanation of what we were doing in a church, see my post immediately before this one: I am going to church tomorrow and here’s why. If you haven’t read that one yet, I recommend … Continue reading

Don’t Question Me!
Atheism / Skepticism

Don’t Question Me!

“Stop questioning me!” “What do you mean by ‘questioning’?” “STOP IT!” I don’t know how my times I was warned against questioning growing up. The first time I heard the word, I didn’t even know what was meant by “questioning,” so naturally I questioned further to get more information. As you can imagine, that conversation did not … Continue reading

Activism / Atheism / Meaningfulness / Spirituality

Reasonable Living and Intentional Community

Why do people go to church? Of course, since my background is Christian I will write in “church” terms, but the same applies to the people who meet together in any type of religion, whether Nazarene, Catholic, Mormon or Hindu or Muslim or anything else. The same principles apply regardless of the specific beliefs. We’ve all … Continue reading