“Community Tree” has Christians fuming in Louisville, KY

Apparently, the supposed “War on Christmas” has already come to my home city, even before Thanksgiving. A press release went out calling Louisville’s big Light Up Louisville spruce a “Community Tree.” And this has stirred controversy and hurt feelings. It’s Called the Community Christmas Tree – WDRB.com But not to worry, the city is not going … Continue reading

Activism / Atheism

Controversial Billboards in Lexington, Ky

Apparently atheists are not allowed to cause “controversy” in Lexington, KY, but the Christians are. A new billboard was put up a couple of days ago on a well-travelled route in Lexington that states the following. HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION ROMANS 1:26-28 LEVITICUS 18:22 ABORTION IS MURDER EXODUS 20:13 BLUEGRASS CHURCH OF CHRIST 502-316-5674 Understandably, … Continue reading